All pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others

Mangalitsa is, simply put, the best pork you are ever going to eat. It's not just in the nature of the breed, it's in the nurture of its elevage.  They spend at least 17 months slow growing on forage and supplemented on wheat, barley, and peas. This is twice as long as any other heritage hogs in the market. The red meat is richly marbled due to a long life and exercise and encased in healthy omega fats, setting the bar on the highest peg for pork in the USA.  Because of the rich fat (a result of metabolizing a balanced diet of primarily forage) this breed is perfect for charcuterie with long hang times such as lardo and salumi.  And the science is in, good fat is how you combat bad fat, but that's for another discussion. All our pigs are raised on pasture, wooded hillside and have access to our year around creek in the summer.  With the exception of daily massages and beer consumption, they live a life similar to the finest Kobe beef.