Oregon Mangalitsa

First of two considerations; Dynamic stability - appreciating the power of nature.

Over time we have learned (the hard way) that the willfulness of nature is too persistent in its design to disregard, to impose upon, to bend to our will.  We accept what we can't change and in doing so, discover a better way around our obstacles, as a river bends when impeded by rock and hill and mountain.  Awareness, versatility, persistence, a flexible mind, a strong back...these are the mechanisms we use to support, maintain, and persevere.

Secondly: Harmonic Value - training one's intuitive judgment.

In all things one can find a positive balance, which is by no means a simple task.  One must perceive that which cannot be seen and develop a large scale approach to small matters. It's a humbling journey this life, and the process has brought us riches that we never could have foreseen. Life, on or off this farm, is Uneven Ground, and it's always teaching.